Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ActiveSync Issues

Well, I ran into some ActiveSync issues last night.

Basically, I was working with MicroTorrent, and wanted to see what my Windows Firewall settings were. I had the firewall off, but when Windows realized that I "looked" at the settings it decided to turn on the Firewall. Basically, after turning the Firewall off and several reboots later I finally started syncing again. What's weird is that the Firewall has the entries to allow ActiveSync.ErrorCode : 80070008


If you are using a software firewall on your PC, you need to allow ActiveSync to use TCP/IP. ActiveSync uses the programs WCESCOMM.EXE, WCESMGR.EXE, RAPIMGR.EXE, and CEAPPMGR.EXE.

TCP/IP ports:
  • 990 (RAPI)
  • 999 (Status)
  • 5678 (Legacy Replication)
  • 5679 (Legacy Replication)
  • 5721 (Desktop Passthrough)
  • 26675 (AirSync)

The WM5 ‘Device’ is the DHCP server, thus the device has the IP address of (Default) and the PC obtains the IP address of (Default) [thanks to Brian for the update].

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