Thursday, June 09, 2011

Burning an Oracle Sequence value to raise it above Table Max

We have a log table that we use to track miscellaneous behaviors via some triggers for "audit" purposes. The design is fairly simple... on the occurrence of a "monitoring" behavior, INSERT a row into the AUDIT_LOG table. The INSERT grabs a new sequence value and poof, we're good.

Well, not always. Periodically, the MAX table value exceeds the sequence value. I don't know why/how it happens, but it causes our applications to start throwing errors [as expected]. I wrote a simple query to get the sequence value back above the table ID maximum.

Note: you may need to establish the "currval" of the session by burning a "nextval".

	-- audit_seq.nextval "Sequence NextVal",
	audit_seq.currval "Sequence CurrVal",
	(select max(AUDIT_LOG.SEQ_NO) from AUDIT_LOG) "Table Max ID",
		when audit_seq.currval >= (select max(AUDIT_LOG.SEQ_NO) from AUDIT_LOG)
			then 'Sequence good'

		when audit_seq.currval < (select max(AUDIT_LOG.SEQ_NO) from AUDIT_LOG)
			then 'Sequence bad, Table Higher by '||( (select max(AUDIT_LOG.SEQ_NO) from AUDIT_LOG) - audit_seq.nextval)
	end "Sequence Status"

You may want to reference:

ORA-02287: sequence number not allowed here

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